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Seeing the NAWCC Museum in Columbia, PennsylvaniaRecently, I used to be in the us and took a few hours to go to the place which in fact had been within 30 minutes of my house, the NAWCC Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania. The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) is usually a well-known entity within the USA that essentially offers a meeting place craigs list 190 global chapters (admittedly, the majority are in the united states) for collectors of the stuff horology. Furthermore, it seeks that can help educate people about timepieces, servicing them and in some cases reaches seem to children so that you can keep interest in timekeeping alive.The NAWCC Museum is within Watch & Clock CountryI what food was in the whole process of selling my home in the area together never visited the NAWCC museum, thus i suppose that it was fitting (we always manage to skip the points so near to us) that on one of my last days in the area watches replicas , I decided to input for the browse. Yes, today is often #TBT day, but instead, please let me talk a little about a museum that's readily available for our Colonial readers or even for people that check out the region.As stated, the NAWCC Museum is found Columbia, Pennsylvania.It's in Lancaster County watches , which, if you can't know, was the original headquarters for Hamilton Watch Company.   The proximity to Lancaster is apparently somewhat of a coincidence (hmo's head with the NAWCC been running the association from his house nearby prior to a current museum building became available), but as I'll briefly discuss, there were an awful lot of clock and watchmaking in the area previously. The structure itself is quite stately and features a sizable clock tower in the car parking zone. Actually, the building once was a Pennsylvania Power & Light building and that i suppose the grand style is common of utilities buildings of old in the states.I pulled in the NAWCC Museum at a later date a weekday afternoon i must state that it turned out very quiet. I reckon that this is normal for the museum dedicated to this type of specific subject and in a small town, but what was there to find out? Once i entered and paid the reasonable $9 admission, I watched a concise 10-minute film in time inside of a small auditorium. It had been then the perfect time to enter the museum exhibition area.The NAWCC Museum commences with…Gallet!But wait! Before opening the entrance for the exhibition space within the NAWCC Museum, I had been met using a showcase that featured vintage Gallets. That it was an attractive display with a few truly amazing Multichrons, Flying Officers, and Commanders. Honestly, to view countless all in one place became a first personally. Apparently , the true reason for the attention is always that Gallet actually made a commemorative model within the past 10 years to help offer the museum some publicity and to help fake rolex raise funds. Needless to say, it absolutely was an excellent start.Clockmaking from Europe to the USAI'll be very honest, the NAWCC Museum gives you a really large center on clocks and pocketreplica watches. Initially, visitors passes through historical timekeeping implements - going back many thousands of years - and after that, right away, wades in to the realm of tall "grandfather" clocks and wall timepieces. It's here that particular sees many clocks from the 1700's and 1800's from Europe - especially countries such as Germany and also the Netherlands. This flows in the colonization of America as well as the strong influence through the aforementioned countries in the areas not far from the museum. I was really astonished at how many different clockmakers from all over Pennsylvania, but there was many.Time Zones are less than A century Old inside the USAThe NAWCC museum also proceeds to discuss rail travel and its particular strong relation to the roll-out of timezones we all know them today. Did you know standard time zones wouldn't come into effect until 1918!?There was clearly a wonderful display of railway pocketreplica watches, clocks and wristreplica watches on top of that.The NAWCC Museum has a stunning pocket watch displayIf the NAWCC Museum features a hallmark, it's around pocket replica watches. Now, admittedly, I think of pocket watch collectors as the "old guard" of watch collectors. Also, as objects i can't practically use, I don't have a ton of involvement in them. But - the way the pocket watch exhibit is laid out in this museum can be so compelling and interesting. Firstly, almost every watch is displayed within a two-sided case which allows for that movement and dial to wear. An advanced movement lover, you may spend an incredible amount of time in this massive room.Second, the product contains some amazing pieces donated by NYU such as a Patek Philippe plus a Breguet of a family member of Napoleon. And ultimately, an exhibition case showed the truly amazing quantity of watch factories that when existed in the us - I had no clue.Yes, the pocket watch room contains some heavyweight stuff.Other fascinating areas inside NAWCC add a faithful reproduction of what a watch shop could have looked like noisy . 1900's complete with vintage displays.Then, a location of ship's chronometers is arranged beside a place of wall-mounted world timers.The Eighth Wonder on the WorldAnother highlight through the NAWCC Museum will be the "Engle Clock" or even the "Eighth Wonder in the World". It's actually a massive standing clock with all of forms of animation along with the museum runs through every one of the functionality every hour within the hour for whoever desires to see it. It's one of these 1800's curiosities that toured around and ought to are already fascinating for those who paid to find out it. In fact, its story and its particular operation was pretty for me at the same time.Wrist Watches at the NAWCC MuseumFinally, we come to wrist replica watches in the NAWCC Museum. Now, I will not claim that it was a disappointment, however i will point out that on this time of social networking - it comes with replica watches are commonly still worn today, it turned out a little light. I'd been expecting much more within the Hamilton side, breitling transocean chronograph but possibly the heavier focus on Hamilton pocket replica watches accounts for because of this. Still, there were impressive displays on various James Bond replica watches as well as the transition from mechanical to electronic to quartz replica watches.Take pleasure in the LibraryAfter touring the NAWCC Museum, I stopped into its bookshop. It contained an exceptionally nice range of current watch magazines and books. Finally, it was a journey to the research library where I chatted which has a member who took me "behind the scenes" to determine all the materials actually either curating or selling so that you can raise funds. These are this, there was clearly duplicate watch catalogs from your last Five decades which were on the market at discounts. I found several Breitling and Wakmann catalogs with the early 1960's forever measure.I used to be highly impressed together with the NAWCC Museum plus it was worth the price of admission. I'll definitely return again all of which will keep watching for special exhibitions and events how the museum holds from time to time. If you're in the community or running down to Lancaster/Hershey (as so many East Coasters do throughout the Summer), this is the highly worthwhile way of spending several hours.Afterwards, you will want to go to the local craft brewery Columbia Kettle Works for a brew along with a bite? You may also pick up an awesome glass using a clock inspired motto! Cheers!#gallery-2margin:auto#gallery-2 .gallery-itemfloat:left;margin-top:10px;text-align:center;width:33%#gallery-2imgborder:2pxsolid #cfcfcf#gallery-2 .gallery-captionmargin-left:0